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Spiritual Vortex Therapy
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Classes are held from 9 AM to 3 PM, and include a manual and certificate. SVT Level 2 and 3 include instructional CD's. Level 3 also includes teaching support.

SVT Level 1 - Basic $145
Saturday May 5, 2012 in Ottawa

SVT Level 2 - Advanced $165
Will be announced soon.

SVT Level 3 - Master/Instructor $290
Will be announced soon.

Glen Vance and Peggy Allen are teaching at Subud Center, 357 Wilmont Street, Ottawa.
Glen Vance and Kim Seeley are teaching at Whispering Cedars, 317 Ramsay Road, Carleton Place.

*Glen suggests that those interested in spiritual vortex therapy classes call him for a sample treatment.

For further information and to register, please email: glenjvance@rogers.com

History of Spiritual Vortex Therapy

Spiritual Vortex Therapy (S.V.T.), is one of the most powerful healing systems to ever be brought down to earth. Spirit started to channel this to me in 2006; at first a little bit at a time, then more and more. I asked why I was chosen and was told that it was always in the plan. S.V.T. is the only treatment I know of that actually clears out the chakras and aura rather than simply balancing them. It does this to allow the body to heal itself by relieving unnecessary stored energies that are causing stress. Spiritual Vortex Therapy and I are committed to teaching this therapy to as many people as possible, to heal the world one person at a time.

Glen Vance

Spiritual Vortex Therapy Treatments

Spiritual Vortex Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive energy treatment that clears and balances the energy centers of the body and the aura. The SVT practitioner is trained to work just above the body with energy vortices to create balance, which promotes positive change for the body, mind and spirit, allowing the body to heal itself.
A healing session lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. During this time, a client is usually laying fully clothed on a massage table.
Effects of a healing session include a feeling of lightness and deep relaxation. Some experience a significant decrease or elimination of pain, while others experience heightened awareness or resolution of emotional issues. To book a session, email glenjvance@rogers.com. Cost $60

Spiritual Vortex Therapy Class Descriptions

SVT Level 1 - Basic
This is a one day course that teaches how to create balance in the energy field with energy vortices. Students will be instructed in the history and theory of this healing modality, then practise the hand movements needed to create a vortex. After the Level 1 attunement, each student will give and receive healing. Topics of instruction include: What is a Vortex, History of SVT, Grounding and Meditation, Colour and Meaning of the Chakras, The Process and the Symbols, Distance Healing, and the Role of the Practitioner. Upon completion of Level 1, the student will understand the SVT theory and be able to do a healing session for themselves and others. After a minimum of 21 days, they may decide to further their learning with SVT 2 Advanced. Manual and certificate included.

SVT Level 2 - Advanced
This one day course begins with a brief review and practise of concepts from Level 1, then continues with a focus on chakras that exist beyond the physical body and clearing in between all chakras, for a greater understanding of the uniqueness of this modality. After the Level 2 attunement, each student will channel greater energy during skills practise. Upon completion of Level 2, the student is encouraged to continue healing on themselves and others. After a minimum of 21 days and documented practise on 10 different people, a student may decide to move on to the final SVT 3 Master/Instructor. Manual, certificate, and instructional CD included. Prerequisite SVT Level 1.

SVT Level 3 - Master/Instructor
After review and practise of concepts from Levels 1 and 2, students taking this one day course will learn how to teach spiritual vortex therapy to others. The teaching format will focus on the history of this therapy, how to present the SVT technique to students, providing feedback during practise sessions, and learning the attunement process. In addition, the student will learn how to set up their own classes, and provide support for their students. After the Level 3 attunement, students will practise attunements on each other. There will be time at the end of the day for questions and answers. Upon completion of Level 3, a student will be able to give treatments, set up and offer classes to teach SVT, and perform the attunements for SVT. Manual, certificate, instructional CD, and ongoing teaching support included. Prerequisite SVT Level 2.